People I admire

These blogs prove useful in creating my personal brand strategy because each of them has a focus on a facet of my own life.


Hannah Keeley

Hannah Keeley is a mom I look up to. She is fun, energetic, beautiful and a loving mom to 8 kids that she home-schooled! Hannah loves Jesus! She combines her love of parenting and business and offers mom coaching and the Mom Mastery University. Basically life coaching for moms. She is so good at it! Nearly every time  I listen to her I am inspired!   From parenting, house cleaning and de-cluttering tips, to keeping the spice alive in your marriage-Hannah covers it all!



Jennifer Martin

Real Estate Love

Jennifer and Bryan Martin are just the epitome of family and marriage goals to me.  They also own a very successful Keller Williams Real Estate Brokerage in Fresno California.  I think all but one of their 4 children work for them (or maybe all 4 do now?)-either way the love they have for each-other as husband and wife and their family values are top notch! They really love and support all the realtors who work with them. They go above and beyond for their clients and they are not afraid to learn new things.  They embrace technology better than me!

Bob Goff.jpg

Bob Goff

I recently discovered Bob Goff and his contagious view on love and life and whimsy.  If you haven’t read his book “Love Does” do yourself a favor and download it now! He is a lawyer who started a school in Uganda and has a carefree approach to life that will knock your socks off- at least my socks were knocked off ;).  He is so kind and generous and funny! He is probably the reason someone coined the phrase “never a dull moment” his stories are fascinating and inspiring and sometimes heartbreaking. He is an ambassador to Uganda and works hard to help the people of Uganda in a way that is actually helpful!  I hope to travel to Uganda in this lifetime and see the work that Bob Goff has carried out.

Elisabeth Elliott

Elisabeth Elliott

This woman has since gone to be with the Lord but her story lives on and I am so excited to share it with my children in school this year.  Elisabeth Elliott was once married to Jim Elliott who was murdered by a Native American Tribe in Ecuador. Elisabeth Elliott then brought her 10 month old daughter and lived among those Native Americans for over 2 years learning their ways and loving on the people there.  Not only did she manage to forgive the men who murdered her husband, she was able to love the tribe and change their lives for the better.  She defended their way of life and despite anyone’s beliefs about her motives Elisabeth Elliott showed bravery and courage beyond comprehension.  She authored many books and there was a movie made about her time in Ecuador called “Through the Gates of Splendor” in 1957, recently in 2006 another movie was release called “The end of the Spear“.

Adoption blog.jpg

Adoption Blog

I am an advocate of adoption and I love reading stories of the heartache and blessing of adoption. My husband and I adopted our youngest son 3 years ago from the foster care system and it has been such a journey for our family.  This blog reminds me how we can love and serve our kids and it’s worth the read!



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