Social Media for the Professional

Social Media… Sounds like a great idea! IF you like technology, and IF you like putting yourself out there like that.  It’s hard for me to do that.  I do not get excited about technology; and then to release blogs, vlogs, and regular posts…that can get pretty intimate, if I’m being authentic. The temptation to get an inflated ego from the praise of onlookers or, doubt who I am due to the criticism of others-well, frankly-it’s more than I’d like to deal with on a regular basis.  But, all the greats say to accept the wave of the future=Social Media.

I am absolutely committed to being authentic and I hope that my followers will be encouraged that we are all actually going through hard things at times and we can still focus on the positive and live a life that is full of joy!

The Social Media that works best for my “brand strategy” is a combination of my WordPress blog, Facebook personal and business pages, and LinkedIn for business networking.  I think I will eventually include Instagram as well but once I am managing the other sites.  The Facebook and Blog will be a combination of my personal life and my professional life; where LinkedIn will be professional only.

LinkedIn is especially exciting because as a Realtor I will connect with many professionals, from pest companies, home inspection companies, escrow and title companies, and even real estate lawyers to name a few.  Other professionals who want to make investments may use my services as well.

Even though I am a little nervous to put myself out there I am ready! Cheers to social media! 🙂

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