Social Media

So I’ve spent the last 8 weeks studying all about Social Media Marketing. Through this course I have learned so much about personal branding and social media.  I hope I have come across as the family girl who values her real estate clients! That is what I am trying to create as my personal brand (and it’s true).  I have learned to use several social media platforms as well and the importance of maintaining my personal brand across all platforms.

I would like to have the opportunity to learn more about scheduling posts and developing content. I did a small survey on Facebook trying to find out what people would want to hear from me and the majority want to know about my parenting tactics and my marriage, definitely the main components of my life. I’d like to think of creative ways to throw real estate in their, mixed with those topics and leave people thinking about me as their realtor

The social media platforms I will make more use of going forward are LinkedIn, Facebook, and eventually I will join Instagram. With LinkedIn, connecting with professionals feels so good! I want to meet more people who are being successful as a realtor and other professionals. It’s so inspiring!

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